Unpretended Art by Ran Brown


These various drawings were done using only the Crayon tool in Paint Tool SAI. I’ve done them for a variety of reasons–some are commissioned, most are characters from my comic that I wanted to reasonably redesign for after a bit of a time jump in continuity, and one of them was just for fun.

I’ll likely have more of these up in the future!

2 Responses to Crayonism

  1. reafu says:

    I remember seeing a few of these on your Google+ page and really liking how they looked. It’s images like this that make me want to experiment with Sai outside of just inking. Great job :D!

    • ran says:

      The crayon tool is the only one I’ve really tested beyond the ink tool, and I’m totally in love with it–I’ve never really worked with NO line art before, but it’s taught me a lot.

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