Unpretended Art by Ran Brown

Custom Shoes

These are custom shoes I did for myself and Cory. the process was simple (but messy) and only took an afternoon, and the result is awesome shoes that should last all summer and never fade (if I did it properly). The next time I do a pair, I’ll make a process tutorial instead of just taking pics at the very end.

2 Responses to Custom Shoes

  1. Klára says:

    Hi, I would like to ask how you did these, like what you used?
    I was trying to paint some shoes years ago with classic textile paint which is pretty good, but problem was with outlining. I used permanent fix for it and then I sprayed a varnish for acrylic colors all over the design. Everything was good but after few days or weeks the fix started to melt. Well I was skeptic about the fix outlining from the beginning but I saw some shoes made like that and it looked okay, probably just bad or fix or something, I don’t know. So I’m trying to find out what other people use especially for sealing colors.

  2. lucas anson says:

    omg i want these! how much would it cost for you to make me a pair.

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