Unpretended Art by Ran Brown

Doctors Who?

A while ago, Evan from You Need To Eat! approached me about doing some art for a segment of the site in where he reviews every episode of Dr. Who ever. I’d never seen any Dr. Who (still haven’t gotten around to it, actually), and I’ve also never done a caricature that wasn’t a horrible doodle.

He ended up commissioning the First Doctor, who I couldn’t find a reference for that wasn’t extremely sinister. I’ve been told that he’s not super sinister, which is unfortunate, but I was pretty pleased with the results none-the-less.

The second thing he commissioned was the oft hobotastic Eleventh Doctor, which I had a far easier time of.

And last but not least (in fact, the most challenging aspect of this commission), what Dr. Who banner would be complete without the Tardis?

This was the most difficult thing, but also the most fun.

The first two pieces were done entirely in Paint Tool SAI, and the third was done entirely in Photoshop.

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