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Out of My Element

A couple of friends have been planning to launch their webcomic, Out of My Element, for a while. They generally use free hosting, but this time they decided to try and go for a custom wordpress website. I gave them the complete package, with consultation 100% of the way. These are just some of the things that went into this project:

  • Custom logo.
  • Custom headers for posts, sidebars.
  • Comicpress and essential plugin installation and setup.
  • Analytics setup.
  • Custom graphics and seamless backgrounds.
  • Custom navigation.
  • Custom chapter title bar.
  • Lessons on how to use all of these things.
  • Lessons on making custom word balloons in photoshop.

Very pleased with the results, and well worth the effort. Here is a screencap of what the page looks like:

As well as a shot of their logo:





One Response to Out of My Element

  1. Truly, Ran made the design of our website pop. If you need something that stands out and doesn’t look gaudy (Lord knows if I had done the design it would have looked gaudy as sin) then I’d fully recommend her.

    She assisted with colour choices, graphics, layout and construction as well as the entire .css build, tags and google look ups so that OoME comes up first when searched for by name.

    I’m incredibly satisfied with the work that Randi has done for us at OoME and we definitely will be darkening her doorstep when it’s time to update the site.

    – Jim Perry –
    Author of Out of My Element

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