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RANSOM Revisited

Back when I got my start with webcomics, I was in highschool and drew a picture of a kid with some zombies. It was a neat concept, and from that single image spawned a webcomic that I would struggle with  for the next four or so years of my life and eventually abandon. I’ve come to accept that not all ideas work, and was having increasing difficulty relating to the characters in this project as I grew up and went to college and got a job and the characters remained in highschool.

Flash forward to yesterday when I revisited this concept as a means of taking my mind off of a comic page I was struggling with. I aged him up about nine years and did some quick notes on how the story would need to change if I wanted it to be interesting. While I can’t promise I’ll ever make it into a real comic again, I did have a lot of fun with this, and traditional media was a nice break from photoshop and SAI.

Faber-castell PITT artist pens, Copic and prismacolour markers. Highlights are done with Sakura White JellyRoll gel pens. 

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  1. Parapsychotic says:

    If I could be so bpld as to ask, just what was this comic about? The picture is very cool and interesting, and I’m unfortunately ruled by my curiosity, and the description only mentioned it involved a guy and some zombies.

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